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All pictures have been taken with a Fujifilm S602 Zoom Digital camera. The pictures have been taken using a resolution of 1280x960 pixels (using the 1 megapixel / fine setting). They have not been post-processed in any way whatsoever (other than automatically resizing them for web posting). The only extra tool used to take some of these pictures was a tripod. No extra lenses, filters, etc, have been used.



You are free to download these pictures and use them for private, non-profit purposes. These pictures are the private property of the author, and prior to using them for any commercial purposes you have to get the written approval of the owner (that's me ). The author can be contacted by e-mail, as detailed in the Contact section of the website.

If you wish to obtain a full resolution picture, please contact me and we'll try to sort out out something.




Barcelona, Spain - Part I

Barcelona, Spain - Part II

Both galleries have been shot in August 2003, during a 4-day visit to this amazing city.


Plymouth, United Kingdom

Pictures were taken in July 2003, when I've had my PhD Graduation ceremony.


Turda & Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Small gallery. The pictures were taken in April 2004, when I went back home for Easter.





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